Special Features

Supportive Instruction Unit

The Supportive Instruction (SIU) was introduced in the academic year 2009-2010, to meet the growing needs of students who had difficulties in learning in the classroom. Pupils with learning difficulties and behavioural problems are identified by class teachers based on certain guidelines. They are then assessed using a combination of standardised tests and tests based on the curriculum.

Some pupils are able to overcome their difficulties with special help from the class teacher. Others, who need remedial instruction, receive it in the SIU. This instruction is designed to suit each pupil, individually addressing his or her specific needs. An IEP (Individualised Education Program) is prepared with inputs and consent from parents, class teacher, school head and the SIU team, who form the pupils’ primary support group. Periodic evaluation and feedback are also given.

Ms Neela Rani is a qualified student counsellor. She is also an RCI certified special educator and pre-primary teacher trainer. She has vast experience in planning and implementation of remedial instruction programmes for children with learning disabilities in schools and empowering teachers by conducting workshops and training programmes in the field of child development.